How To Regrow Green Onions

by Jim
Green Onions

When you buy green onions from the grocery store, you cut off the white part at the bottom, and then use the upper portion of the plant in your dish.  But did you know you can use the white part to regrow your green onions for years to come?

Start by cutting off the white portion of your green onion stalk from the grocery store.  Then place it in a small jar of water so that the cut portion of the stem is above the water line.

Over the next few days or weeks you should start to see substantial root growth.


Green Onion Bulb

When your roots look like this, it is time to plant.  You will probably start to see new green growth as well.  That is fine, that what you are ultimately trying to do haha.

Planted Green Onion Bulbs

Planted Green Onion Bulbs

There you have it, you can regrow green onions near indefinitely now. But onions are not the only vegetable you can regrow.

Planted Green Onions

Planted Green Onions

Check back for more tips and gardening info, but in the mean time, here is a good article about regrowing your vegetables from scraps.

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